Bob and Karen Middleton


Two 1/2 years ago our neighbor at John Mar Court in Mechanicsburg sold their house through Frank Tamanini Realty.  They were very satisfied with his support and recommended him to us when we needed to sell our home and buy another due to my father's health problems and inability to climb stairs. (Dad had lived with my husband and me for several years.)

Frank met with us and evaluated our home.  We agreed to work together to sell our home as soon as possible and try to find a ranch-style home suitable for our needs. In the course of our discussion, he told us about the new development he was building at the time, "Trindle Station".  Bob and I had driven past the entrance to the development many times on our way to town or to church, but never had driven in to see the area.  Frank showed us two different ranch-style homes and we subsequently made the choice of the one we live in now.  We didn't have time to build one from scratch, and were happy to have a model home ready to move into. 

We've enjoyed making the house our own, and we really appreciated the smooth transition from our old house to the new with the help of Frank Tamanini.


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