We liked the location of Trindle Station, so approached Frank in 2010 about building a house for us.  He listened to our needs/wants, and modified one of his existing designs to fit them perfectly.  We met several times to discuss design specifics, and Frank offered some excellent suggestions that we hadn’t considered (putting extra windows on the large family room wall, for instance).   He was very patient in responding to all of our questions/concerns, and understands the anxiety that can accompany the home-building process. 


Once construction started, Frank allowed us access to the home when construction wasn’t active, and was very flexible in modifying the plan to either add design elements we hadn’t thought of (like additional cable outlets) or modifying those we didn’t like once we could visualize them on something other than paper (like the location of the dining area light).


Construction took a bit longer than we’d expected due to some unforeseen elements, like hitting a huge vein of limestone, but once completed, the house was just as we had envisioned it.  Several of the sub-contractors we spoke with noted that Frank provides some detail in his homes that are beyond the industry norm.   With the building of any house (and this is our fifth combined), there is generally a ‘punch list’ of little details or fix-ups that need to be completed, and the few we had were handled in an efficient manner.   The home has been trouble-free since completion.


In addition to constructing the new house, Frank also handled the sale of my then-current home, and it sold rather quickly for the market we were in at a price that was very fair, and the sales transaction was trouble free.


Given Frank lives in the development where he is building houses, he has to have confidence in their construction and his methodology since all of his customers can easily find him.  He not only develops the land, but also gets very involved in the planning of activities that will create a cohesive, fun community.


Trindle Station is a good place to live, and Frank does his best to create homes that fit the standards he has for his own while making the process as stress-free as possible.  We are very pleased with our house, and have received many compliments on it from family and friends as well as potential customers we allow Frank to show it to.  Though we fully intend for this to be the last house we own, we would use Frank again if we ever had cause to build another.  



Bill and Phyllis Jordan


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